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Awesome page, and you're right, it is a very versatile line!


Isn't this line called abode? I have a question, how are you getting on with your sewing machine. You posted a while ago that you were going to try and use it more often.


fabulous! the perfect sun-drenchec photos for those tanned boys. :)

mary jo

In my head I always call the line adobe, LOL!! I have to catch myself ;) Love your layout, super cute!


Wooow! Lovely layout! Thanks for this opportunity


Um yes... another one of your fab pages on my lift pile. Love it!!

Stephanie Schan

love the sunny feel to this layout!

Wendy Sue

Love your layout - and I'm super jealous of the tans your little guys are sporting...I am pretty much glowing right now from lack of sunshine. ;)


love this page and how you used the collection for another theme :)

elizabeth carney

You're style rocks the house!

Kim Watson

The colors work so well on white for that extra summery vibe you created. Super page!


the circles & whimsy of this whole layout are fabulous!
love it!

amy tangerine

loving all the little bits of goodness!


I love it so much! It is so meaningful journalling about your sons. My question: What's the best thing about being on the ACDT?

Lorraine M.

What a fabulous page! So colorful and vibrant! Question: What inspires you? Where do you start?

Sammye Jo

LOVE this layout. I am inspired that you adopted an older child. My son is 3, and with my hubby's health issues, it looks like only way we are going to be able to expand our family is adopting, and I would love to adopt a child who is either the same age or a couple years younger than Matthew when the time comes. Any advice?

moon ko

love those chipboard buttons and how you used them, shannon!

juli chau

what a fun page!! thanks for sharing!
where would you love to vacation this year? No limits to anywhere!


Christina L

Hi, I'm new to your blog but I love your layouts-and I love that you have lots of ideas for "boy" pages. (I have all boys too.)
I went back and read a few of your older posts and noticed that you held your son back in first grade. Our son is currently in Kindergarten but the teacher isn't sure if he is ready for 1st grade (he is on the small side-physically and a very young 5 years old). We have the opportunity to let him take a year of transition before he goes to 1st grade. So long story short (too late), my question is this-how did you tell your son about repeating 1st grade? (If that's too personal-I totally understand!) We are just preparing ourselves for that conversation with our son and I could use the advice! :)


Ok, this is too weird...both of my boys are adopted and DH WAS THE CARDINAL BIRD MASCOT AT UofL!!! So here's my question...have you done any UofL layouts? If so, can I see 'em? :)

Brittney A

I love your title work - so fun!


What a cute page! Love the circles. Question: What is your absolute favorite AC collection/line?

denise k harris

Love the layout and how you used other then a house layout...I do have a question actually...on the adoption...was it hard to adopt an older child...I dont have children and would love to give a child a good home and love!

Julie Riley

Alright... this is the first time to your blog. So my most random question for you, is how many rooms does your house have? Do your sons share a room?

Oh, and did I mention it's my birthday on the 7th!


Very cute page! ... so what is your favorite line of all time from AC?

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