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Cynthia B.

Gosh, I don't really have any questions...just wanted to let you know that I love your pages!
Here's one - I saw that you love March how do you feel about Duke being champ again? I really only watch college ball during the tournament, but I was hoping the underdog Butler would win.
Anyway - thanks for sharing!!

Melanie C

Love this page! I have 2 boys so I always love "brothers" layouts!
Questions: What is your favorite size to print photos and where do you print them?


nice, very nice!!

Whitney O.

Adorable layout Shannon, love everything that you do!!! I am trying to get my sb paper a little more organized and I was wondering where did you get your 12x12 paper holders???? I'm dying for some shelving in the sb/computer room and it would be great to organize all my paper along with everything else!!


i love love love this!


Fantastic idea!!!!!!!I like this blog and thank's for sharing this faboulous ideas!!!! ;)


such a great layout - and yes this was my first visit also!!


I love your LO! How long have you been scrapbooking?


This line really shines on your white background Shannon! Off to vote for that cute little girl in the picture you posted!


Love the colour in your layout. My husband got me hooked on Being Erica last year on CBC, never knew anyone else who watched it!


Cool page, love those colors and when I look at those brown tanned boys, I am longing for summer !!!!! Those thickers looks so great !!!


Enjoyed finding your blog today! Love the layout - the cloud journaling card is too cute! Off to shutterfly for some voting. :)


LOVE your layout!


I forgot to ask a question...what do you do when you get creative block?

nicole d.

I know you + your family are sports fanatics. Do you still play sports? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your layouts. Keep 'em coming! :)

Victoria in Ohio

Love the colors, love the layout as I always do!
Your layouts inspire me.
Question: what has been the most surprising part of adoption-good or bad? We adopted a darling baby from China (10 years ago!) and she is a delight! I was fearful that she would not bond with us, but that has not been a problem at all- soooo thankful!


What is your favorite tv show?


Hi Shannon,
Sweet layout! My question: How do you "get started" when you're scrapping? Is it photos, colors, layouts...? I'm looking for inspiration and guidance!


I love the american flag in the background of this photo. How long have you been scrapbooking and how did you find your style? (Which I love, by the way.)

Laura Stewart

great project!!

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